Reasons that affect the price of color steel coils

July 20, 2022
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The main reason that affects the price of color steel coils: it must be the problem of raw materials. The quality of color steel plates has a huge relationship with the anti-corrosion layer (galvanized aluminum layer), paint, and production process. The quality of color coated coils produced by different manufacturers is definitely Different, the service life is also different. This is the reason why the price and size of color steel plates that look the same.


The processing method will also affect the price of the color steel coil: firstly, due to the different processing, construction and installation methods, the color steel plate used on site is also different; secondly, the processing method and version are different, resulting in the required color steel coil waterproofing The effect of corrosion protection is also different.


For example, some color steel coils need to be drilled during installation. Although some waterproof materials can be used for treatment in the subsequent construction, if the treatment is not in place, or the waterproof materials are not qualified, there will still be water leakage problems, so it is necessary to use 470 Type 360° vertical lock seam system and other color steel coils, this problem can be solved easily, because there is such a problem, the prices of different types of roof color steel coils are also different.


The place of use affects the price of roofing color steel coils: There are many types of color coated steel sheets, mainly because they are specially designed for different regions, environments and uses. Desert dry areas and coastal wet areas, acid-base salt areas and ordinary areas, environments with heavy chemical corrosion and general environments must be different in the type of color steel coating to be used, so the price of roof color steel coils will be different. the difference.